Rudolph Day: September 2019 & Happy 3/4 Christmas!

Happy September’s Rudolph Day! (Rudolph Day’s are the 25th of each month – an excuse for Christmas fans like me to be Christmassy all the year round…) AND… Happy 3/4 Christmas!!!

In honour of 3/4 Christmas I’ve got some excellent Bauble Christmas Socks on today! (Remember to wear your Christmas socks on Rudolph days – and help spread Christmas cheer throughout the year!!!)

My feet in bauble socks

This month’s Xmas music is rather amazing. It’s a recording originally made and realised in 1911 – so you’re hearing voices from over 100 years ago! It’s the Trinity Choir with “Oh, Come All Ye Faithful” and “Joy To The World”. The ‘Trinity Choir’ seems to have been a name used by the ‘Victor Light Opera Company’, of the Victor Record Company, when they recorded religious records.

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