Rudolph Day: August 2019

Happy August’s Rudolph Day! (Rudolph Day’s are the 25th of each month – an excuse for Christmas fans like me to be Christmassy all the year round…)

It’s a Bank Holiday Weekend here in the UK at the moment and it’s rather warm. In fact I’ve got shorts on (thankfully for you I won’t inflict my knees on you…)!

Rather than Christmas socks this month, here’s a photo of the fireplace in my lounge I took yesterday evening. Yes, it’s summer here; but yes I also got all Christmassy last night! I would like to point out that all of those lights and the fire are electric/battery powered, so I wasn’t actually cooking myself…

The fire place in my lounge - getting Christmassy in August!

To keep us in a candley mood, this month’s Xmas music is “In dulci jubilo” a ‘classic’ Christmas carol, performed here by the choir of King’s College, Cambridge in 2015. The carol has an interesting history. The name means “In sweet rejoicing” in latin and the original is a Medieval song in German and latin, supposedly written in 1328 by the German mystic and monk, Heinrich Seuse who is meant to have heard the song sung by angels and then wrote it down! It was translated in to English and latin in 1837 by R. L. de Pearsall and is the version which the King’s College choir are singing here. Later in the 19th century, J. M. Neale translated it into just English in the carol “Good Christian Men, Rejoice”.

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