Rudolph Day: July 2019

Happy July’s Rudolph Day! (Rudolph Day’s are the 25th of each month – an excuse for Christmas fans like me to be Christmassy all the year round…)

Here in the UK at the moment, we’re having a mini heat wave. So I imagine that this is what like celebrating Christmas in hot parts of the Southern Hemisphere must be like – strange!!! (A few years ago, some Kiwi Cousins came over and celebrated Christmas with my family and said it was very strange that Christmas was cold!!!)

Anyway, to help cool my feet down, my Christmas Socks today are snowmen. I’m not sure that they’ll help much, but they can’t hurt! (Remember to wear your Christmas socks on Rudolph days – and help spread Christmas cheer throughout the year!!!)

My feet in snowmen socks

This month’s Xmas music is also a snowy tune! It’s by Over The Rhine, one of my favourite groups. “Snowed In With You” is a lovely laid back snowy tune! It’s from the wonderful “Snow Angel” album. Over The Rhine have got three Christmas albums; they’re all wonderful and all excellent listens no matter the time of year!

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