Rudolph Day: June 2019 – Happy Half Christmas!

Happy Half Christmas and a Happy June’s Rudolph Day! (Rudolph Day’s are the 25th of each month – an excuse for Christmas fans like me to be Christmassy all the year round…)

As well as being Half Christmas today, yesterday was the day when Christians celebrate the birth of John the Baptist. He was Jesus’s cousin and was born six months before him (hence the date his birthday is celebrated on!). You can find out about the amazing way that his parents were told that he would be born over on my Christmas site.

To help celebrate Half Christmas, my Christmas Socks today are channeling my inner Santa! (Remember to wear your Christmas socks on Rudolph days – and help spread Christmas cheer throughout the year!!!)

My feet in Santa socks

This month’s Xmas music is a something, erm, ‘special’. It’s most unique version of “Last Christmas” you’re likely to hear… Enjoy (I think that’s the correct term.)

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