The Classic Channel 4 Tour de France TV Theme as a Ringtone!

I grew up in the 1980s and my first experience of the Tour de France was with the 1/2 hour highlight shows on Channel 4 (here in the UK).

And the theme tune to those highlights was truly ‘ear-conic’! (No current cycling theme tune get close…)

Well, now you can re-live some classic Tour de France memories with the original Channel 4 Tour de France TV Theme Tune ringtone.

There are two versions, a full length one (33 secs) and a shorter one (22 secs); and they’re available as MP3s or iPhone (M4R) ringtones.


The Full Version:

The Short Version:


The MP3s:

The iPhone/M4Rs

Small Print: Use at own risk, etc. Don’t blame me if your computer/phone blows up!

Getting ringtones onto iPhones can be a pain, here’s a guide on the different options…

Some Classic Liggett!

Here’s a short clip of the great Mr Phil Liggett in an amazing jumper from a 1989 Christmas Tour de France highlights show!

11 thoughts on “The Classic Channel 4 Tour de France TV Theme as a Ringtone!”

  1. Thanks so much for this. Grew up in the 80’s also and this theme tune brings back amazing memories watching the Tour with my Dad.

  2. Hello, how do I download this onto my iPhone? It still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I hear this. Just reminds me of being so excited watching indurain!

  3. Just found this: brilliant, am all set for this year’s Tour now! Like others have commented, I grew up with the mid 80s C4 coverage with Phil and Paul and this tune will forever take me back there…happy memories!
    I’d been looking for ways of making a ringtone of this and getting tied in knots before having the genius idea of seaching to see if someone else had already done it! So thank you


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