Is your site green?!

We’re all used to plugging our computers in and then there’s all the phones and tablets that eat up electricity. But have you ever thought about how much power the internet uses? (Hint: it’s A LOT…)

I move web hosts a couple of years ago. I was looking for a great service (at a good price) and also a host that cared about the future of the planet as well as the internet. And I found one, Kualo.

You might not have heard of them (they don’t advertise on the TV or stuff like that) but they’ve been in the web hosting business for over 15 years. They also power their data-centers in the UK and USA by green energy – hurrah!

I’m also very pleased to say that they have the best customer support I’ve ever experienced! (I had a bit of a quirk with a billing issue last weekend [a new debit card] so I opened a ticket. It was replied to and sorted within 20 minutes on a Saturday lunchtime, that’s pretty amazing!)

Below is a great infographic they’ve produced about the impact of the internet and hosting on the environment (click on it to learn more about how to reduce internet polution).

So if you’d like some great green web hosting, then please visit Kualo! (that’s an affiliate link – but I really do recommend Kualo as a fantastic host.)

Learn more about how to reduce internet pollution

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